Dipping the wick

As part of our ongoing preparations for our 10-year-anniversary (contact us if you haven’t been invited), we have been making all kinds of stuff – candle holders for instance – and this weekend we made a whole heap of candles.

A light in the dark

Hey there!

We are working hard to make our 10-year anniversary special for you! Last weekend one of our oranizer groups met to make candle holder replicas from Swedish finds, and this weekend we will meet to make candles! And do you know what you must do? Come to the party and see our pretty ugly candle holders. Plus have a drink. Or four.


10 long years…

We will probably have this much fun – most likely more!

This spring we celebrate 10 years as a formal association, even though we’ve been around in various forms since 2003. This, we intend to celebrate! We have already sent invitations to loads of 14th century groups and if you haven’t been invited yet, it is probably because we forgot. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do! Maybe we’ll meet at the party?


This weekend quite a few of the members of AB got together to work on our new tent. This resulted in a lot of laughs (as usual) and quite a few stitches sewn. Our aim is to have it all finished in time for Battle of WIsby this summer. Time will tell…