You aint from around here, now are you?

On one of my more or less frequent museum trips, I finally found it. I have seen pictures of handgonnes with up to four or five barrels, and I have always wondered why the medieval hillbillies never bothered to make an old fashioned shotgun, just like Elmer Fudd’s. But this time it was waiting for me at the Schloss Gottorf Museum in Schleswig, northern Germany. I took millions of pictures, but I won’t be producing any reproduction of it; it is (sadly) dated to circa 1420. I’ll just look at it as a grand piece of fire, smoke, noise and death. Now – you do it!


Peek-a-boo! Note that the hook is placed under one of the barrels rather than in between them


Note the square touch holes; I would be surprised if they were both primed at the same time – at least if the shooter’s intention was to fire one shot at a time


Here she is, in full length. I really like the socket



Är du nyfiken på hur man syr medeltidskläder? Har du funderingar över hur de ser ut, vilket material man ska använda och vilka färger som var vanliga? Detta – och en hel del annat – kan du läsa om på Sarahs blog Som när det begav sig. Missa inte!

Merc of the Month, March, 2013

Under the headline Merc of the Month, we want to celebrate the genuine soldier, camp follower or generally wretched person. You can be a part of this too; just send us your picture of any unshaved, dirty, snogging, violent, filthy, vomiting, fighting, sleeping, drinking, mangy, low-down rawhide you feel fit in here. We will use your picture as we see fit. Please tell us your name so we can state it when publishing your pic.

The March issue comes a bit early I suppose, but don’t you just love this pair?

Ida and Boudica doing something unsuitable

Ida and Boudica doing something unsuitable. Photo: Sofia Stenler, 2013